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Weekend Website #117: Co-Teaching Wikis

Last chance to join the co-teaching wikis. By the end of this month, they will be private, unviewable without a membership. Drop over and check them out: K-3 grades 4th grade 5th grade With Teaching Wikis (K-5 only), you follow along as a tech professional teaches each lesson in the SL K-5 curriculum textbooks.  Presented … Continue reading

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13 ways Twitter Improves Education

Twitter can easily be dismissed as a waste of time in the elementary school classroom. Students will get distracted. Students will see tweets they shouldn’t at their age. How does one manage a room full of Tweeple without cell phones? Is it even appropriate for the lower grades? Here’s some ammunition for what often turns … Continue reading

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29 Steps to Internet Safety for Kids

This is a great list from Deb Ng, founder and former owner of the Freelance Writing Jobs. I thought hard about what she’d written to see if I could add anything, enhance or disagree. Nothing. It’s a great list, as good as any I’ve seen since social media exploded on the education landscape. Read and take … Continue reading

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Unlocking Social Networking for Schools

Please join me in welcoming my guest, Brent Thurrell. Brent is the CEO of Scholabo Ltd a company he founded to help his children’s school reduce their reliance on paper and move their communications strategy into the 21st century. What started as a small project rapidly developed into a passion to help strengthen the relationship … Continue reading

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20 Common Computer Problems and Solutions (a Third Grader Can Do)

I received a lot of requests for copies of a document I published a year ago, Troubleshooting Common Computer Problems. At the suggestion of Edtech Sandy (aka Sandy Kendell), I tried to upload it through Google Docs to no avail (though it kind of worked in my site) so I’m guessing doesn’t allow … Continue reading

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Weekend Website #36: LearnItIn5

The challenge as the tech coordinator at my school is to persuade teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms. Kids are easy. I know that first-hand because I teach K-8 technology classes also. Kids are ready and eager to jump into the Web 2.0 world. Teachers, well, there’s the challenge. To them, that phrase–integrate technology–means type a report in MS Word or create a trifold in Publisher. They miss the vast landscape of exciting tools in the internet cloud that teachers all around them are using to make education more fun and motivating than ever before in history. Continue reading

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The Official List of Twitter-friendly Words

Cogent and pithy. Many of them come from our ever-neologistic hacker crowd, who loves nounizing verbs and verbizing nouns, to fit the situation. Here they are: amazonned–instead of ‘lost a significant chunk of your business to a dot-com’ animus andante–instead of ‘at a walking pace’ argot–instead of ‘his special vocabulary’ avatar cancelmoose–instead of ‘wage war … Continue reading