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5 Free Digital Tools for the No Budget Classroom

Something has changed in education content delivery, thanks to companies like Google, Khan Academy, MIT. When these industry leaders (and others) started offering high-quality educational tools for free, more followed. Yesterday’s muffled plea for equality in educational opportunities regardless of economic status is today’s reality. A rising tide raises all ships became a call for … Continue reading

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15 Great Simulations to Gamify Your Class

I’ve been spending every spare moment editing the upcoming 7th Grade Technology Curriculum Textbook (click to be notified when it’s available–projected: June 2013). One unit I’ve fallen in love with is ‘Gamification of Education’. I haven’t spent a lot of time on that topic and am now over-the-top about its possibilities. If you’re into gamifying … Continue reading

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7 Ways Common Core Will Change Your Classroom

The biggest pedagogic change to American education since the arrival of John Dewey is happening right now. It’s called Common Core State Standards. Its goal: to prepare the nation’s tens of thousands of students for college and/or career. If you are involved in any part of teaching, administrating, or planning, you are holding your breath, … Continue reading

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How to Thrive as a Digital Citizen

Thanks to the pervasiveness of easy-to-use technology and the accessibility of the internet, teachers are no longer lecturing from a dais as the purveyor of knowledge. Now, students are expected to take ownership of their education, participate actively in the learning process, and transfer knowledge learned in the classroom to their lives. In days past, … Continue reading

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How to Use iPads in Your Classroom

What is an iPad? It’s a brand name—not a product—for a tablet computer designed, developed and marketed by Apple and used primarily for audio-visual media such as books, games, periodicals, movies, music, and web content. It has a keyboard, but most people maneuver with finger taps and swipes. It does less than laptops and computers, but what … Continue reading

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The Elephantine Impact of Technology on Education

Have you noticed what’s happening in your child’s school? Technology. There’s rarely a lesson taught, be it math or science or health, that doesn’t include some form of technology to enhance its message, increase its reach, improve its communication. If you haven’t been in the classroom lately, drop by this week when you pick up … Continue reading

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Weekend Website #36: LearnItIn5

The challenge as the tech coordinator at my school is to persuade teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms. Kids are easy. I know that first-hand because I teach K-8 technology classes also. Kids are ready and eager to jump into the Web 2.0 world. Teachers, well, there’s the challenge. To them, that phrase–integrate technology–means type a report in MS Word or create a trifold in Publisher. They miss the vast landscape of exciting tools in the internet cloud that teachers all around them are using to make education more fun and motivating than ever before in history. Continue reading

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Education reform: Let’s start by burning all the textbooks

I don’t understand why textbooks can’t be digital. We have the technology. They could be in pdf format–doesn’t have to be on Kindle or one of those readers that cost a lot to own. And, the brilliant American entrepreneurs could create one that reads like a book–my Scribd books can be read that way, downloaded … Continue reading