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12 Tips for Teaching Middle School Tech

Middle Schoolers are a special breed. They definitely need to learn productivity software like word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, but I’ve found it’s better to give them big goals, general guidelines, deadlines, and let them go. I just finished editing a tech textbook for 7th grade and it includes units on problem solving, logical thinking, digital … Continue reading

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Book Review: Kindergarten Technology Textbook

Kindergarten Technology: 32 Lessons Every Kindergartner Can Accomplish on a Computer by Structured Learning IT Teaching Team I’m often asked what books I recommend for teaching technology in the classroom. Each year about this time, I do a series of reviews on my favorite tech ed books. If you want to fix some of last … Continue reading

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Book Review: 1st Grade Technology–32 Lessons

This is another in a series of textbooks designed for K-8. I think you’ll find them useful in your classroom Web 2.0 integration: First Grade Technology: 32 Lessons Every First Grader Can Accomplish on a Computer by Structured Learning My rating: 5 of 5 stars I’m often asked what books I’d recommend for teaching technology … Continue reading

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Book Review: 55 Tech Projects for the Digital Classroom

With the school year on its way back, I want to share some of the tech books I use in my classroom. I think you’ll enjoy them also. This one is a two-volume all-in-one for grades K-8. It includes a mixture of lessons that cover different skills, different subjects. Hope you like it! 55 Technology … Continue reading

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169 Kindergarten Websites That Tie into Classroom Inquiry

These are my 120 favorite kindergarten websites. I sprinkle them in throughout the year, adding several each week to the class internet start page, deleting others. I make sure I have 3-4 each week that integrate with classroom inquiry, 3-4 that deal with technology skills and a few that simply excite students about tech. Here’s … Continue reading

How to Instill Digital Citizenship in Students
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How to Instill Digital Citizenship in Students

What is a parent’s greatest fear that first day they drop their precious child at kindergarten? You might think it’s whether they’ll get along with new friends or handle academic pressures. Or even that their eyes will be opened to the vastness of the Universe and no longer see their parents as the Answer to … Continue reading

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24 St. Patrick’s Day Sites For Students

Getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day? Try these fun websites: Coloring Pages–import into your drawing program and color Color the shamrock Color the Pot-o-gold Color the leprechaun Coloring–More coloring pages Coloring–More coloring pages–pick one, let kids import into your drawing program (i.e., KidPix) Games–St. Pat’s games and activities Puzzle–St. Pat’s Puzzle Puzzle–St. Pat’s puzzle II … Continue reading

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10 Top Click-throughs from Ask a Tech Teacher

I include lots of links for my readers to places that will help them integrate technology into their education. They cover websites on lesson plans, math, keyboarding, classroom management, cloud computer, digital books, teacher resources, free tech resources, and more. On any given day, I generate on average 810 of these ‘click throughs’. Which links my … Continue reading

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10 Most Popular Tech Tips in 2012

As a working technology teacher, I get hundreds of questions from parents about their home computers, how to do stuff, how to solve problems. Each Tuesday in 2012, I shared one of those with you. Here are the Top Ten tech tips from 2012. Between these ten, they had 48,001 visitors during the year. They … Continue reading

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Top Ten Websites of 2012

Every week, I post a website that my classes found useful, instructive, helpful in integrating technology into classroom lesson plans. Some, you agreed with me about; others not so much. Here, I’ll share with you which sites readers thought were the most helpful in their efforts to weave tech into the classroom experience. Between these ten, … Continue reading


2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: Your blog had more visits than a small country in Europe! Click here to see the complete report. If this link doesn’t work, visit my Monday post for hits and misses. Follow me Jacqui Murray has been teaching K-8 technology … Continue reading

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10 Hits and 10 Misses for 2012

Since I started this blog forty-two months ago, I’ve had over 1 million visitors (most of them, this past year) to the 835 articles I’ve written on integrating technology into the classroom. They may be about how to use wikis or blogs in the classroom or what I’ve learned from my students as we got … Continue reading

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Tech Tip #36: The Internet Toolbar Disappeared

As a working technology teacher, I get hundreds of questions from parents about their home computers, how to do stuff, how to solve problems. Each Tuesday, I’ll share one of those with you. They’re always brief and always focused. Enjoy! Q:  My internet toolbar disappeared. All I see at the top of the screen is, … Continue reading

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Subscribers: Your Special is Available

Every month, subscribers to Ask a Tech Teacher get a free/discounted something to help them with their tech teaching. This month: K-6 Technology Curriculum S&S This 14-page K-6 technology curriculum Scope and Sequence itemizes over 250 tech ed skills taught to complete a technology curriculum based on ISTE National Standards. It’s organized by standard and … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m Resilient, but I Wish Computers Were More Dependable

I read a post by Bill Ferriter on Education Week Teacher (which I read in ISTE’s Learning and Leading with Technology) where he says in his article, “Our never-ending reliance on digital resilience” that yes, he’s resilient, but he’s tired of it. He thinks that because tech teachers are so quick to adapt to problems … Continue reading

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Back to School–Tech Makes it Easy to Stay On Top of Everything

If you’re sending your child back to school, technology can be intimidating. Should your elementary-age child have a computer? If so, what should you buy? And how do you keep it safe? Here’s what I tell my K-5 parents about how to handle the stress of equipping the 21st century tech kid: By third grade, … Continue reading

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Book Review: 55 Tech Projects for the Digital Classroom

Each project includes standards met in three areas (higher-order thinking, technology-specific, and NETS-S), software required, time involved, suggested experience level, subject area supported, tech jargon, step-by-step lessons, extensions for deeper exploration, troubleshooting tips and project examples including reproducibles. Continue reading

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The Elephantine Impact of Technology on Education

Have you noticed what’s happening in your child’s school? Technology. There’s rarely a lesson taught, be it math or science or health, that doesn’t include some form of technology to enhance its message, increase its reach, improve its communication. If you haven’t been in the classroom lately, drop by this week when you pick up … Continue reading