Using an Internet Start Page

Include everything oft-visited to make internetting simpler for your child (and safer)

Include everything oft-visited to make internetting simpler for your child (and safer)

This is a great idea for kids. Use one of these free start pages to put everything important there for your child that’s internet-based. Mine includes oft-used websites, blog sites, a To Do list, search tools, email, a calendar of events, pictures of interest, rss feeds of interest, weather, news, a graffiti wall and more. Yours will be different, more geared toward summer activities. Ask your child what s/he’d like there. Maybe sponge activities (internet sites that take just a few minutes to soak up empty time).start

I used (Protopage is your own personal page, which you can access from any computer or mobile phone), but you can use netvibes or Start pages are an outreach of the ever-more-popular social networking. Most search engines offer them also (try iGoogle at They all have a huge library of custom fields (called ‘flakes’ on Pageflakes) to individualize any home page. And, they’re all simple. Don’t be intimidated.

When you get yours set up, on the To Do list, put what the child should do to start each computer time. This gives them a sense of independence, adultness, as they get started while you’re wrapping something else up.

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10 thoughts on “Using an Internet Start Page

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  2. VRy interesting to read it 😛

  3. Joshua Klur

    I’ve taught for 16 years, math for 10 of them, and I now find myself splitting my time between teaching math and being the tech coordinator for a small private school. I’m thrilled to stretch myself in this way, and I’m teaching myself a lot this summer to prepare for it. This “start page” idea is great, and I’ve just spent a few hours designing a protopage start page to be used by the computers in the lab. Thanks!

    • I just added it this past year, and what a difference it made to my classes as well as the classroom teachers. They have access to put links on it that will coordinate with the material they teach in class. It has been a big aid to my collaboration with their units of inquiry.

      Good luck with being tech coordinator. I’m sure you’ll love it!

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