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Top Ten Tech Vocabulary Words

Remember–this is for kids. These are words they should understand to get the most out of computer lessons:

  1. CPU–the brain of the computer. Where they put CD’s, flash drives, check for problems
  2. Flash drive–external storage. The best way to back-up data and trade info with friends
  3. icon–that little picture on the desktop that lets you open a program
  4. start button–where you click to find programs that aren’t on the desktop, or log in, or shut down
  5. Desktop–what greets you when you turn on the computer, like your desktop in your bedroom. Think icons, a clock, collection of stuff you use a lot. Can be personalized
  6. Right-click–a menu of the most common stuff you do at a certain point in using the computer. Changes all the time
  7. Ctrl+Z–undo. This will save you more times than the seconds it takes to remember. A godsend
  8. USB port–where the flash drive goes. Also where you plug in a iPod, a digital camera, maybe even the printer
  9. Toolbar–where all the tools are collected that let you do stuff in a program. When you click them, they do something
  10. Menu bar–a word, usually at the top of the screen. When you click it, you get more choices.

From now on, make sure your kids use these. You use them. Define them once and then show them in context from then on. They’ll remember. Kids have sponges for brains.

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