Learn Publisher Basics II

My first post on this topic is actually more difficult. I started with it because it is more useful for kids. They love making personal cards and they can excel at this quickly. It’s always a favorite in my class. We give birthday cards to other teachers, congrats cards to fellow students, and invites to watch our latest Tech Show.

Here’s a card/flier in Publisher that’s even simpler. It’ll take about fifteen minutes even for beginners.

Created by one of my second graders

Created by one of my second graders

  • Open Publisher, Publications for Print. You’ll see cover pages displayed in the middle of the screen. Double click one with a layout you like.
  • As before, adjust color and font schemes.
  • Delete the existing picture (click once and push ‘delete’). Use clipart to insert one that fits your theme
  • Click on the ‘Heading’ text and type your greeting. Don’t adjust font size–it does it for you as you type
  • Click the subheading and add a note.

That’s it. You’re ready to share it!

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5 thoughts on “Learn Publisher Basics II

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  2. interesting, its so nice to see the mix of technology in our children’s education. It can also bring out the best in their creativity.

    Students School

  3. worddreams

    You’re so right about creativity. That’s my favorite trait in technology. This project can be used as report covers, too. I’ve had many parents tell me their second graders showed them how to do it.

  4. Added to my RSS, Thanks!

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