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Education reform: Let’s start by burning all the textbooks

I don’t understand why textbooks can’t be digital. We have the technology. They could be in pdf format–doesn’t have to be on Kindle or one of those readers that cost a lot to own. And, the brilliant American entrepreneurs could create one that reads like a book–my Scribd books can be read that way, downloaded as a pdf, embedded into a digital document.

Why can’t we do this with textbooks?

When I chatted with a librarian friend about this, she was aghast. Why? Well, the librarian associations were against it. I have to believe when she can give me a better answer, she’ll agree with me.

Here’s another man’s opinion on this subject:

Education reform: Let’s start by burning all the textbooks – Computerworld Blogs

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5 thoughts on “Education reform: Let’s start by burning all the textbooks

  1. If your wish had come true two years ago, I would have a degree in my hand right now. I quit half way through getting just my associates in criminal justice.


    I couldn’t carry the damn books!

    Literally the law book for my california law class weighed 10 pounds. My entire truck creaked when I put my “backpack” in there (which later broke under the weight of the books) and that was just one book. I had 4 of them for a grand total of something like 38 pounds. When you add in the notebooks and all the other things needed it just became rediculous even trying to drag them around the campus.

    I couldn’t make it to my classes on time because I had to wait for an elevator that almost never came, and even then there were enormous hills I had to dash up with 1/3 of my total body weight dragging behind me.

    It’s impossible.

    My noveling blog is being posted up online just for that very reason. It is way easier, more fun, and more stylish to write online. Who wants to print out a static book that will remain the same forever when I can change a title/picture/whatever whenever I want to online? The internet is the perfect medium for books.

    You should write a post about that too. I volunteer Uninvoked as an example. ^^

    • That is a great story, albeit sad. I don’t understand why digital books haven’t taken over education, unless it’s the publishers. If I could look at Amazon’s balance sheets for Kindle vs. hardcopy books, I bet Amazon makes more off the digital version. I know us authors would be willing to sell for less because of 1) equity issues–getting educational material out to more, cheaper, easier, 2) we’d make the same amount

      Thanks for your enlightening post.

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