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Why I like PCs Better Than Macs

I have used both Macs and PCs at different times in my career, but the more I use computers, the more I lean toward

PC’s. I’m an inveterate Windows-hater and I still would pick the PC over an Apple.

So I asked myself, Why? I complain to my classes about Bill Gates. I whine every time the system crashes or I have to run my virus protection software because the Latest and Greatest Virus has been unleashed on the world. Still, when parents ask, I recommend a PC.

Here are my reasons:

  • Only one way to do things

I can’t always remember the ‘one way’ I’m supposed to do things. My way of thinking isn’t always like the guy who programs the software–he thinks like a programmer. Does Mac understand ‘multi-intelligences’–people learn in different ways. I guess not, because you pretty much have to follow one path to accomplish a task on a Mac.

  • It’s still a PC world

I am a capitalist, so I like competition. I passionately dislike Bill Gates’ monopoly of MS Office and am trying to get my school to switch to Open Office or Google Docs–anything more equitable and more affordable for the world.

But, the reality is, it’s a PC world. Only 8% of computers are Macs so if you need to be competent, fast, efficient, and compatible, that means a PC.

  • More compatible with the virtual world

More and more, the world is connected via the internet, email, twitter, online file sharing. The list goes on and on. If you want to share docs with people, they need to be in a format that’s readable by the most people. That still means PC. Until that changes (which I hope will be when the Open Access platforms take over), you need to provide a document that can be widely read.

I know Mac has tried to get around this by enabling Mac’s to run the Mac OS and Windows. This sounds good, but it adds a complexity that Mac users like to avoid (I think PC users like the challenge of solving problems more than Mac users, but that’s a different issue). Now they have to understand both the tricks of OS and Windows

  • Macs are still more expensive than PCs

I don’t know why. Do they cost more to produce? Macs are prettier–is that why? One reason is Applie has tried to squelch capitalism by not allowing clones. PC’s allowed those almost from the beginning which kept the price down and contributed to their rampant spread. You can get a desktop by Gateway, HP, Dell or a generic made by the local computer shop. They all work fine because of the generic compatibility of parts. Macs are all made by Apple.

I don’t get it.

  • Mac people are like a cult. I have an inherent distrust of such an emotional approach to purchasing

They are rabid in their passion for Macs. When you discuss shortfalls, their response is, Those don’t matter. That right-mouse click does matter–to me and a whole lot more people! They consider themselves as part of a community, not a computer user. I see a computer as a tool. They see it as a community. Maybe that’s why I don’t get it.

  • It’s easier to customize a PC than a Mac.

Easier, cheaper, because there are more options. Because PCs have a larger market share. That’s capitalism. Until we become socialists and tell programmers what to program and people what to buy, both will make their choices based on supply and demand. I kind of like that.

I do think Macs are simpler, for the newbie, but that means they’re less powerful for the experienced user. And ‘experience’ is relative. It arrives fairly early for those of us who use computers a lot.

Am I wrong? Let me know.

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7 thoughts on “Why I like PCs Better Than Macs

  1. I’m not usually one to leave comments, but I just wanted to let you know that these are exactly the reasons I do not use Macs either. The right-click is very important to me too and I really can’t get over it when I am forced to use a Mac at school. I am also quite big on customizing my computers and wouldn’t like the inability to do it.

    While they are pretty and “easier” to use, they are still pretty ridiculously priced in my opinion and if my PC laptop decided to die on me or become obsolete in relation to gaming I could still buy another one and not have paid the price of a mac after buying two PCs.

  2. Now, to build on this subject, what about Linux vs. Windows…you still get a pc, but you get to use a free O/S and other apps…the only thing I don’t like for business use, is that you get to use a substitute for everything, going back to Apple, there is no substitute for iTunes….

  3. Macs do have a right click and their mice have two buttons, it just doesn’t look like it. You can enable right clicking from the preferences.

    Everything else is pretty spot on, except Macs are still easier to use for non programmers and first time users. Their customer service and warranty programs are unrivaled, and if you are a design, film, or audio geek, PC’s just don’t compare.

  4. I agree with your post. I’m curious about that right click, Chris! Even some Mac users I know don’t know about that.

    I especially liked your observation about the emotional nature of buying a Mac. That explains why they always give the same three reasons for buying it! Maybe their forced to memorized the line at the store before they buy it: it’s easier, it doesn’t lock up, it’s pretty; it’s easier, it doesn’t lock up, it’s pretty…

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