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The Official List of Twitter-friendly Words

twitter1-main_FullCogent and pithy. Many of them come from our ever-neologistic hacker crowd, who loves nounizing verbs and verbizing nouns, to fit the situation. Here they are:

  • amazonned–instead of ‘lost a significant chunk of your business to a dot-com’
  • animus
  • andante–instead of ‘at a walking pace’
  • argot–instead of ‘his special vocabulary’
  • avatar
  • cancelmoose–instead of ‘wage war against spamm’
  • canted–instead of ‘slanted’
  • cryppie–instead of ‘a hacker who penetrates cryptographic software’
  • debbie–instead of ‘someone newer than a newbie’
  • edress–instead of ‘electronic addresses, such as your e-mail address or your IM address’
  • gonk–instead of ’embellish the truth beyond reasonable recognition’
  • mien–instead of ‘demeanor’
  • modicum–instead of ‘slightest bit’
  • moxy–instead of ‘courage’
  • nadir–instead of ‘the lowest point’
  • playground–instead of ‘techie workspace’
  • proxy–instead of ‘replacement’
  • salmon day–instead of ‘spending an entire day swimming upstream only to get screwed in the end’
  • schadenfreude–instead of ‘malicious satisfaction from the misfortunes of others’
  • Sitzfleisch–instead of ‘ability to sit patiently for hours doing one thing when you could be doing a million others things’
  • Sorrel–instead of ‘reddish brown color’
  • sprachgefhl–instead of ‘an intuitive understanding of language’
  • supinate–instead of ‘rotate hand or foot so palm or sole is upward’
  • tarradiddle–instead of ‘a petty falsehood’
  • tech neck–instead of ‘sore neck from sitting in front of a computer all day’
  • termagant–instead of ‘a scolding, nagging, bad-tempered woman’
  • triskaidekaphobia–instead of ‘morbid fear of number 13’
  • vestigial–instead of ‘not fully developed’
  • vulcan nerve pinch–instead of ‘keyboard commands that tax the hand’s ability to reach all appropriate keys’
  • xerophyte–instead of ‘a plant that will thrive in desert conditions’
  • Zeitgeist–instead of ‘spirit of the time’
  • zenith–instead of ‘the point directly above the observer’

You want to have Excel count the letters in a word for you? All you need is a LEN formula:

=LEN (cell with word in it)

I love Excel.



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