Will Digital Books Help Education? Yes.

As a teacher, I know digital textbooks are the future. We use two of them in my school this year and–I admit–there are tremendous problems with students and parents accessing/using/accepting the books. This includes the online version of my technology class lessons. It’s been quite a year.

But, in the fullness of time, they will be the standard:

  • They’re cheaper, which provides equity to more users
  • They’re accessible from anywhere
  • They’re lighter–no big backpacks weighed down by too-heavy books

The cons?

  • Current availability. That’ll change as more schools demand them for all of the reasons above
  • Current quality. Again, demand will solve that issue

There’s a good blog on the topic of digital textbooks here.

Here’s an update on California’s push to digital textbooks:

Turning the Digital Page

California pushes for transition from paper to digital texts.

When California announced a free digital-textbook initiative earlier this year for high school math and science courses across the state, it fueled predictions of the impending demise of the hardcover schoolbook.

“Schwarzenegger Terminates Textbooks,” shouted one newspaper headline, referring to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s push for open online resources as a way to address the state’s budget crisis. (more)


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2 thoughts on “Will Digital Books Help Education? Yes.

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