#29: A PowerPoint Slideshow for Third Graders

Before starting this PowerPoint project, have students complete these two:

By fourth grade, my students are so good at PowerPoint, I don’t even teach it in fifth grade (I move on to Photoshop). They’ve learned enough to get them through school. Here’s how I do that:

  • First grade: They draw the pictures and I show them how to put them into a slideshow
  • Second grade: They use their own set of pictures to create an Open House slideshow for parents
  • Third grade (this project): They create a slideshow about themselves with all the bells and whistles
  • Fourth grade: they create a slideshow to support a classroom unit of inquiry

Here’s what they do in second grade:

If the lesson plans are blurry, click on them for a full size alternative.

PowerPoint lesson planlearn powerpointpowerpoint rubric

–from 55 Technology Projects for the Digital Classroom. Preview available on Amazon.com and Scribd.com


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11 thoughts on “#29: A PowerPoint Slideshow for Third Graders

  1. Wow! As someone who used to teach apps like PowerPoint in the corporate world, it looks like you’re building a little army of kids who’d kick some serious butt.

    • Thanks, Gabe. I’d like to take the credit, but these productivity apps have gotten a lot simpler over time. My 2nd graders turn out pretty exciting slideshows, thanks to the more intuitive interfaces.

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  3. Brigitte

    I love the web site and the lesson plans you have created. As teachers we often recreate the wheel and I would love to use your lesson plan on teaching a power point for my particular subject matter and make a few modifications It would be fantastic if teachers could download your lesson plan not as a PDF but in a word format they could actually modify themselves. Think of the time we would save the progress that could be made if we all shared more and modified what came before us.

    • Hi Brigitte

      All of the lesson plans I post are available as a hard copy book or in pdf format through Amazon or Scribd (see store link). I’ve reprinted these with the permission of my publisher. You are welcome to use the lesson plan, revise it–make it your own. I’d love to hear how you adapted it to your classroom. Thanks for dropping by, Brigitte.

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  5. Heidi

    I’m a high school teacher who aspires to implement more technology in my classroom. Initially as I was looking for ideas for my classroom, I found this website to be PERFECT to have “MOM SCHOOL” for my own kids this summer. What a way to double dip for my classroom AND for my children…thanks!

  6. Txe

    I love coming upon these articles! I’m a computer instructor and I teach 1st and 2nd graders ppt. The only problem I ran into was using google image. How do you keep inappropriate pictures from showing up? An innocent entry or misspelling can bring up inappropriate pictures, even with safe search on. How do you handle this?

    For now we are using the Microsoft clipart, but images are limited. Plus students don’t get a chance to search for their own pictures, and experience how to copy a picture online and paste it on their powerpoint show.


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