How to Use Second Life for Teaching

A growing method of teaching is via simulation, and the leader in that area is Life. No longer the life-away-from-your-life it used to be, now it’s the training school of choice for our military, universities and hordes of established businesses. Read more about that here:

Using it for education intrigues me. I’m still researching, trying to figure out if I should take the plunge. Did you know:

  • It has one Billion Hours logged by Users
  • It has over $1 Billion USD transacted between residents
  • It has two Billion Square Meters of land
  • Users average 100 minutes per visit
  • There are 250,000 new virtual goods every day, consuming 270 TB of space
  • There are 18Billion minutes of voice chat

Here’s a great article that spells it out:

Learning in Second Life: Virtual Education

January 23rd, 2010 Randall Hand

Time for another in our ongoing Second Life series, and this time I’m going to tackle Education in Virtual Worlds.  Again, not a particularly new advance.  Several universities have begun to embrace “online courses”, coupling traditional education tools with web-based systems like Blackboard to increase revenue with a minimum of expense.  It allows teachers to very easily re-use class materials (doesn’t get much easier than cut-n-paste, or simply clicking a “publish” button from their library of assets), and enables the university to open classes to students around the world.

Virtual Worlds are becoming the “next generation” of these online courses, and Second Life is on the forefront of the wave.

There seem to be several “schools of thought” (no pun intended) on how to integrate virtual worlds into traditional education, so I’m going to try to discuss some of the more popular ones. (more)


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3 thoughts on “How to Use Second Life for Teaching

  1. Donna

    This teacher is AWESOME – I wish I could travel to visit her class! Check out her posts about 2nd Life:


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