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Where Would You Like to Go Today?

Are you here for a lesson plan… Tech tips… Humor? Click the category on the sidebar and you’re there.

I notice lots of readers are clicking on the pictures, hoping it’s a link to a category. I have to confess: I was unable to get the pictures to act as links. I don’t think WordPress can do that. I spent quite a while trying. I can do it if I put each picture in separately (rather than as a two-column album), but it’s difficult to maneuver. Until I solve that you’ll have to visit the Categories section on the sidebar. You’ll get a group of projects on that topic, mixed ages:

Anyone know how to make the pictures in a picture gallery act as links? Hmmm….


5 thoughts on “Where Would You Like to Go Today?

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    • Embedding a movie clip in an image sounds wonderful. What a great way to share information. Unfortunately, you’re far ahead of me in languages. All I could read was your tag line--if you don’t create change, change will create you.

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