Sharon Angle Homeschooled Her Child

Not surprising to homeschoolers, but the public education sector in Nevada might be unhappy.

“After he failed kindergarten, I put him back in for that second year and he was completely demoralized,” Angle explains. “What I had was a six-year-old dropout. I knew that I needed to do something different for this kid, to kind of put him back on his wheels and get him started again. I decided to homeschool him.” As a trained teacher, Angle thought she could provide her son with a better environment, one where he wasn’t called a “flunker” or “too slow” by his classmates at the local public school. So Angle, a Southern Baptist, started what she calls an “exempt Christian school” for likeminded families, a homeschool group for parents in Winnemuca, Nev.

Calling herself a ‘reluctant politician’, she not only taught her child at home, she pushed for a new homeschool law in Nevada, with the help of Dr. Raymond Moore, the man often dubbed the “grandfather” of the homeschooling movement. Read more here…

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