Weekend Website #14: The Internet Start Page

Drop by every Friday to discover what wonderful website my classes and parents loved this week. I think you’ll find they’ll be a favorite of yours as they are of mine.

internet start page


Teachers, parents for their kids, students for their lives


MS Office software guide–Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Access




When you open the internet, it should kick start your browsing experience, not leave you searching for a bookmark. You accomplish this by what’s called an internet start page. I use iGoogle at home, but for school I use Protopage because it’s flexible, customizable, intuitive and quick. Quick is a big deal for teachers and parents.

I include everything that my students might need to start their tech class experience–a Todo list, links to projects, sponges, a calendar–and I change it weekly, sometimes daily. It has tabs, too, so I offer a different tab for each class. The youngers get a kick out of going to websites from the older kids tabs.

Take a look:

Click here for more information on Internet Start Pages.

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