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Dr. Seuss in the Digital Age

Here’s a Dr. Seuss redux for the techie child:

You can think up web pages.
That’s what you can do.
You can think them in yellow
With letters bright blue…
Think your banners in red.
And your buttons in pink.
You can paste in a JPEG.
Oh, the LINKS you can Link!

You can link to the servers
All over the net.
Think of the zillions
of pages you’ll get.
If you try you can link to
a scroll going bye.
With thousands of buttons
for users to try.

And you don’t have to stop.
With a hyperlink hop.
You can link in a button
That pops to the top!
Made from an image
From your Photoshop.

You can think animation
Now that would be cool.
A green alligator
Afloat in a pool
Who’s planning to lunch
on a near swimming fool!

Or think of black water
Beneath a white sky
An airplane pulls banners
with ads blowing by.
Oh, the LINKS you can Think
If you’ll only just try.

Think LINKS and wonder.
Now here’s a good trick
How many buttons can
One user click?
Without getting dizzy
Without getting sick!

You can wonder…How far?
to the end of the web?
And how many pages
would fill up your bed.
And does the web reach
clear up to the moon,
And will it extend
out to Mars someday soon.

THINK! You can link
any LINK that you wish.
A hyperlinked horse
on a satellite dish.
A button that goes
and a button that waits.
And what would you say
if you met Billy Gates.

And why does my web page
Cut off on the right?
You can think about that
Until Saturday night.

There are so many LINKS
that a thinker can link.
Put them all on your web page
And hope it don’t sink.

–Reprinted with permission from Gene Ziegler


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