Who Reads Blogs?

It’s hard to get noticed. Technorati says they’re tracking over 112.8 million blogs:

  • About 120,000 new weblogs each day, or… 1.4 new blogs every second
  • 1.5 million posts per day, or…  17 posts per second
  • Japanese the #1 blogging language at 37%
  • English second at 33%
  • Chinese third at 8%

The Ruder-Finn Intent Index says these are the primary reasons why people read blogs:

  • Learn
  • Have Fun
  • Socialize
  • Express Yourself
  • Advocate
  • Do Business
  • Shop

Let’s do a test, see if that matches our own informal poll. Vote below and then we’ll compare:

PS BTW, blogs are a great way to encourage reading and writing in kids. More about that later.


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