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I’m proud to announce I’ve been selected as a Spotlight Author by Trish Silver for my tech ed efforts in elementary education. She did a wonderful piece on me and one of the books I edited for Structured Learning. I thought I’d post it for you to read and enjoy. Thanks, Trish, for this helping me spread the good word on integrating technology into the K-8 classroom:

Fifth Grade Technology: 32 Projects Every Fifth Grader Can Accomplish.

Genre: Non-fiction/Education/technology
Publisher: Structured Learning
Copyright: 2009 by Jacqui Murray

Jacqui Murray was born in Berkley California to Irish-German par9780978780050ents. After receiving a BA in Economics, a BA in Russian and an MBA, she went to work–days in the typical eight-to-five business world and evenings teaching classes at community colleges–and raised her two children while writing in free moments, usually between the hours of eleven and two a.m. After twenty years, her son and daughter safely attending college, she quit her job, joined the faculty of a local school teaching computer science and pursued her writing in earnest.

She’s the author of the career book for college-bound teens called Building a Midshipman: How to Crack the USNA Application (the real-life adventure of her daughter’s journey from confused teen to midshipman at the US Naval Academy) and a series of eight computer workbooks for grades K-8. She won the Southern California Writers Conference Outstanding Fiction Award for her upcoming techno-thriller, To Hunt a Sub (excerpt available on Reviewers laud her novel as ’strongly written’ with ‘interesting and unique plot hooks’. She currently writes a column on tech tips for and is working on an ebook of tech tips for the non-geek. She lives in Laguna Hills CA with her husband, adult son and two beautiful Labradors.

The two-volume 55 Technology Projects for the Digital Classroom is part of Jacqui Murray’s eight-volume comprehensive tech ed series geared for both the classroom teacher and the homeschooler. They include one hundred and ten simple-to-follow projects that integrate technology into language arts, geography, history, science as well as life skills such as problem solving, research and critical thinking, using student-centered lessons that meet NETS-S national guidelines and many state standards. Each project includes software required, time involved, suggested experience level, subject area supported, tech jargon, step-by-step lessons, extensions to dig deeper, troubleshooting tips, reproducibles, grading rubrics and many samples. Software used in the lessons includes Microsoft Office, Google Earth, keyboarding, email, Web 2.0 tools (blogs, wikis, internet start pages, social bookmarking and photo storage), Photoshop and Celestia. Also included is an Appendix of over 200 age-appropriate child-friendly websites. Skills taught include collaboration, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, creativity, digital citizenship, information fluency, presentation, and technology concepts. In short, these two volumes include everything you need to integrate technology into the twenty-first century classroom. See the publisher’s website at for free downloads, access to their virtual classroom, help from their on staff tech teacher (via her blog) and more details.

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