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A Good Peer Review–Huzzah

I love hearing what works for other ed tech people around the world. I especially like to know what parts of my blog are useful to them. Here’s a review of my efforts from my fellow blogger, vpbast:

Unit 7-Keeping Current

Posted on August 10, 2010 by vpbast

As a Technology Coordinator, I really wanted to find a resource that encompassed all the different areas that I work with.  The blog, “Ask a Tech Teacher”, has been a really great find for me!

This blog is written by Jacqui Murray, a tech teacher at a Southern California Elementary School.  It is packed with wonderful tips, recommendations, and suggestions for any teacher or tech coordinator looking for what’s new and fun in the world of educational technology.

The blog has several different areas to explore.  Every Friday, the author posts a new website that she has found and used under Weekly Websites.  In Great Kids Websites, you will find lists of recommended websites (all linked) listed by grade level from K-5.  There is even a separate section under each grade for technology specific sites.  In the 2nd through 5th grade sites, the author lists websites under specific units, and includes websites of special interest to teachers.On Tuesdays, a new problem-solving tip, quick lesson plan, or some other goodie is posted under Tech Tips.

One thing I thought was very helpful was her links to wiki pages that her own students have done.  I want to incorporate students’ wikis into our technology toolbox, but wasn’t very clear on the best way to do it.  Her examples are really great.  She also lists lots of recommended keyboarding sites that I know I will find useful.  In addition, there are lesson plans listed in the left-hand column focusing on using the Microsoft Office Suite.

You can subscribe to an RSS feed for this blog which will help you to stay right up-to-date!  This blog looks like a great resource for any technology administrator or teacher looking for ways to integrate technology into their classroom.



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