Weekend Website #19: First Grade Class Wiki

Drop by every Friday to discover what wonderful website my classes and parents loved this week. I think you’ll find they’ll be a favorite of yours as they are of mine.

class wiki

My first grade class wiki


Teachers, parents for their kids, students for their lives


Classroom organization


1st Grade Class Wiki


You can organize a classroom with blogs, internet start pages (click for more on internet start pages), wikis, even twitter (this is the only one I have yet to use because my Admin shut me down on it. Click for more on twitter).

Wikis are the most thorough. Take a look at my 1st grade class wiki (see sidebar for kindergarten and second and click here for 4th grade wiki and 5th grade wikis). I have room for student and parent resources, homework, What we did Today (for absent students or parents), grade-level skills, favorite links. You can even add student pages, created by students. This is very popular.

Click here for more information on wikis.

Want to see a class wiki. Try these:

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Website #19: First Grade Class Wiki

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  2. Susan Arnold

    Would a blog or wiki work better for me for a first grade classroom?

    • I like wikis because I can have so much information at my fingertips. I keep a running list of what we did in class–great for me when I forget and subs who have to take over. It includes samples to display on the SmartScreen as needed, for students and the sub (and me–when I mix up 1st and kindergarten). I can also quickly scroll down to what I did the prior year. Plus, I have classes back-to-back-to-back which means no prep time in between. Wikis allow for easy-to-access tabs for each grade level. I have K-3 on one wiki (should have done K-5) so all I do is click-click and I’m ready for the next class. I share the link with students, too, so they can see what they missed if they’re sick one week.

      I guess I could have done all this in a blog, but I am so happy with the wiki, I’ve never considered changing. Why? Well, blogs allow for comments (which can be turned off, but take up room between entries) which means daily entries aren’t as tight. Blogs also have narrower post areas–I like wide, so I can see lots.

      As I’m writing this, I suppose either would work. I think it’s what you’re used to. Does that help?

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