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Weekend Website #22: Webspiration

Drop by every Friday to discover what wonderful website my classes and parents loved this week. I think you’ll find they’ll be a favorite of yours as they are of mine.

visual map of ideas

Just like Inspiration, but FREE


5th grade and up, as well as teachers, homeschoolers


Learning tool; presentation tool




Use Webspiration anywhere you’d use the software, Inspiration. It will map out ideas, organize with outlines and collaborate online with teams or colleagues. Webspiration allows you to appeal to students who are visual learners as it strengthens organizational skills, and transforms your ideas and information into knowledge.

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7 thoughts on “Weekend Website #22: Webspiration

  1. Hi Jacqui,

    I’m happy to see that Webspiration was highlighted as your website pick of the week! Have you signed up to receive updates about our Webspiration Classroom Service launching this fall? You can find the link on the right column at

    I’d love to see some examples of you and your students’ work on Webspiration! You can email me at connection (at)

    Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you. Thank you again for the mention.

    Sarah Cargill, Inspiration Software

  2. You-all make a great product. Visual learners have been pretty much ignored until programs like Inspiration and Kidspiration arrived. It’s changed the way teachers think about communicating.

    Thanks for visiting.

  3. Hi Jacqui,

    I’m happy to hear that you enjoy our products. Since the last time I commented here, we have launched our new blog Thinkspiration, which has a large focus on education and visual learning at You may be especially interested in our post on visual learners titled “Do You See What I’m Saying?” at

    Also, I noticed in my last comment that I had a type-o on my email! The correct email is connect(at) 🙂 I’d love to hear from you on our blog, Facebook or Twitter.

    Sarah Cargill, Inspiration Software

    • Hi Sarah

      Thanks for pointing that out. I’d made a note to myself to update this post in October and you’ve taken care of that for me! I love the changes. I know my teacher friends will be thrilled.

      • Hi Jacqui,

        I was hoping that I could send an email your way, but I can’t find your email anywhere on your blog! Do mind sending me a quick message at connect(at) so that I can contact you?


        Sarah Cargill, Inspiration Software

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