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Tech Tip #42: How to (Re)Set Your Homepage

tech tipsAs a working technology teacher, I get hundreds of questions from parents about their home computers, how to do stuff, how to solve problems. Each Tuesday, I’ll share one of those with you. They’re always brief and always focused. Enjoy!
Q: My homepage got hijacked! I mean, it no longer opens up to what it used to. How do I fix that?

A:  Go to the page you want as your homepage. Here’s what you do next:

  • If you’re in Firefox, go to Tools–Options
  • Click on General
  • Click the button that says, Use Current
  • Say OK

If you use IE:

  • Go to Tools–Internet Options
  • Click on General
  • Click the button that says, Use Current
  • Say OK

One more step–make sure your firewall is working. Run Spybot and Adaware and your anti-virus program. Something got through that shouldn’t have and you don’t want it to happen again–or have a worse outcome than your homepage changing.

Questions you want answered? Leave a comment here and I’ll answer it within the next thirty days.

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Jacqui Murray is the editor of a technology curriculum for K-fifth grade and creator of two technology training books for middle school. She is the author of Building a Midshipman, the story of her daughter’s journey from high school to United States Naval Academy midshipman. She is webmaster for five blogs, an Amazon Vine Voice book reviewer, a columnist for, and a weekly contributor to Write Anything and Technology in Education. Currently, she’s working on a techno-thriller that should be ready this summer. Contact Jacqui at her writing office or her tech lab, Ask a Tech Teacher.

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2 thoughts on “Tech Tip #42: How to (Re)Set Your Homepage

  1. Hi

    I must say this is a fantastic post. I have been blogging for a short while now and after reading this post it makes me realsie that mine is sometimes is too technical!

    Simple answers to simple questions is sometimes just as important. Sorry to point out an error but your second bit about IE says firefox.

    Just another one for you if you use Safari:
    Click Edit – select Preferences and then click “set to current page”

    I will check back for new posts!

    • Thanks for the correction, bguk73. I checked out your blog. You have a good voice, straightforward and easy to understand. I’m impressed you took a techie concept like a 301 redirect and made it readable by couching it in a story. Nicely done.

      Thanks for visiting. Come back often.

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