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Profile of the Non-Voter

Tuesday is one of the most important midterm elections America has had in decades. The decisions made and people elected will be responsible for:2010 midterms

  • changing the leadership of the House of Representatives and the Senate, something that will severely affect the progress of Obama’s populist agenda
  • enforcing the policies of the Health Care Reform Bill
  • changing the leadership of States–a critical time because in 2011, states will be redistricted for their House and Senate seats

It may surprise you to know that less than 40% of American vote in midterm elections, so–being a techie, geeky sort of person–I’m curious who are those 60% who prefer to cede their responsibilities to the rest of us? Pew Research did a fascinating analysis. Here are their conclusions. They are:

  • less likely to be Republican
  • less educated than the average
  • younger than the average American
  • more approving of President Obama’s policies
  • less approving of the direction the country is going (seems contradictory to me, but, that’s just me)
  • more approving of Obamacare
  • more likely to be in fair or poor economic condition
  • more likely to be single (divorced, not married)\
  • more likely to be a job hunter

Sound like you? What do you think?

–reprinted with permission Examiner ©


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