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Weekend Website #33: Wild on Math

Drop by every Friday to discover what wonderful website my classes and parents loved this week. I think you’ll find they’ll be a favorite of yours as they are of mine.

wild on math


Kindergarten-sixth grade




Wild on Math


This program has a clean, simple interface with none of the vibrant colors, constant motion and advertising of so many other math websites. Check out the screen shot above–there’s white space! The site is maintained by Creative Logic Solutions, but they make no effort to push their product on you. It is plain and simple a math facts website for grades K-6. No games. No lists of choices. Compare it to another popular math website which my students love called Cool Math 4 Kids (see image to the right). One’s cluttered, busy, frantic. The other, peaceful, orderly, math-like.

Students pick which function they want to practice–addition, subtraction, multiplication, division–then the age group and get started. Because of its simplicity, it’s intuitive. Non-readers will need a bit of guidance, but no one else.

Here’s how it goes: Students click start to play against themselves (with a timer). A horizontal row of problems are layed out. Students solve the first and tab over to the next; solve that and keep going. Sound too basic in the whiz bang world we live in? Given a choice, many of my students pick this program. In fact, it was recommended by them. I didn’t believe they’d pick such an uncluttered interface, but they proved me wrong. Here’s what the ‘game’ page looks like:

Use this for math facts, mad minutes, sponge time, those few minutes between this and that. Let me know if your students love it as much as mine.

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Website #33: Wild on Math

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  2. My school paid for fact-training software. It is good and packed with extra features, but too expensive to pay for all students to access. Only 2nd graders get to use it. This is an option for the younger students and those in 3rd who still haven’t mastered them. I like the simplicity – especially for the youngsters who are likely to get distracted. Thanks.

    • Hi SWyble

      What’s the name of the fact-training software? Good to hear you have one you’d recommend. The only downside of Wild on Math to me is it doesn’t track individual student progress.

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