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Weekend Website #34: Block Posters

Drop by every Friday to discover what wonderful website my classes and parents loved this week. I think you’ll find they’ll be a favorite of yours as they are of mine.



Sixth-high school


Art, or to support any academic topic


Block Posters


What a great way to upsize student projects. Simply upload a digital picture created by students. Tell the program what size you’d like the poster and the program automatically figures out how to lay it out on 8×10 sheets and its ready to print.

I found this for a Photoshop class I teach. The summative project is a poster that communicates the student’s thoughts on a topic of global importance. They are instructed to find about twenty pictures, use their newly-honed Photoshop skills to format the pictures and collect them in a collage that tells the story they’d like told. With that many pictures, I worried they (and the accompanying required text) would get lost in the minimalist size of the page.

No longer a problem.

Here are a few issues we faced using it to print a collage:

  • The image upload is limited to 1 mb. We solved this by saving the jpg in a lower format. Photoshop makes it easy to do by showing the file size as you adjust the slider for quality.
  • Be sure images are of a good enough quality level to be printed poster-size. You don’t want the pixels to show
  • Make sure students are aware of the option to select the poster size. You don’t want massive 32×40 posters printed on school ink (like happened in my class)

That’s it. Students were excited to see their artwork printed as a poster and hung around the school.

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