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Weekend Website #25: Online Schooling

Drop by every Friday to discover what wonderful website my classes and parents loved this week. I think you’ll find they’ll be a favorite of yours as they are of mine.


Middle School and up


Math, science, language arts–whatever is on the webmaster’s mind


Online Schooling


This website isn’t memorable for the information on how to attend school online, True, it tells you where to get online degrees, who specializes in what, the pros and cons of online education. It even offers ten personality traits that indicate you might thrive in an online learning environment over traditional. All good information. All available in multiple other locations.

What makes this website special is the stuff it stuck at the bottom of the right sidebar, almost as an after-thought: a visual representation of various complicated topics. If you’ve seen the posters built by FlowTown, Online Schooling’s are similar but more intellectual. They cover topics like science, writing, nature–cerebral passions. Here are some of those available:

So far, there aren’t a lot, but there are more every time I look. The topics they choose are those that benefit from a visual representation–Fibonacci Sequence? The name alone puts Everyman off, but here’s the picture:

Online Schooling - Fibonacci

Source:Online SchoolingWhat Makes Up Our Ecosystem?

Isn’t that much clearer? Now that I’ve seen this, I remember learning about it in high school (or was it college?). Because of these extras, it is a website every science teacher, math teacher, and others should visit.

As for the website in general, I have a suggestion:

  • Green background with red font? Too glaring. It hurts my eyes.

That’s it. Mostly, I want more posters.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Website #25: Online Schooling

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