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10 Most Popular Tech Tips in 2010

I’m on vacation this week, madly trying to come up with the curriculum for an 8th grade Scratch class I’ll be soon teaching. I love these two parts of teaching, where we create lesson plans to share knowledge and where we get two weeks off at Christmas to do it. Despite the drawbacks found in every job ever done, teaching is wonderful.

For those eager to reinvigorate your teaching by adding some technology to the curriculum, here are the hottest tech tips from my blog in 2010. Between these ten, they had 40,510 visitors during the year. They better be good or a lot of people were disappointed!

  1. Great Kids Websites–this is a list of hundreds of kid-friendly websites, organized by grade and topic
  2. Top Ten Free Apps to Install on a New Computer
  3. Is Handwriting Like Camera Film–So Last Generation
  4. How to Become Survivorman–or Bear Grylls–in Third Grade
  5. #112: 10 Ways Twitter Makes You a Better Writer — I post lesson plans. This is #112 of #112
  6. 18 Online Keyboard Sites for Kids
  7. 20 Websites to Learn Everything About Landforms–this works for third and fourth grade.
  8. Can Your Fifth Grader Answer This Math Problem?
  9. Twenty-one Techie Problems Every Student Can Fix--a key factor to managing a computer lab is developing independence in the students. This post takes care of that
  10. 20 Great Research Websites for Kids–I post this list on my class internet start page so it’s always available to students

What was your favorite post? Which one made a difference in your teaching?


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