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Weekend Websites: Best Sites of 2010

Every week, I post the website that my classes found useful, instructive, helpful in integrating technology into classroom lesson plans. Some, you agree with me about; others not so much. Here, I’ll share which you as readers thought were the most helpful in your efforts to weave tech into the classroom experience.

These are the top ten from 2010:

  1. Great Kids Websites–this is a list of hundreds, organized by grade and topic. It’s no surprise it came in at #1
  2. 18 Online Keyboard Sites for Kids–Overall, keyboarding websites are the most popular posts I have. In my school, it’s the #1 request from the classroom teachers–that students type faster. There were four more subsets of this theme in the top ten, but those sites are included here, so I skipped them for the purposes of this post.
  3. 20 Websites to Learn Everything About Landforms–this one surprised me. I had no idea it would be so popular. Can anyone explain it?
  4. 20 Great Research Websites for Kids–I suggest you post these sites where students can easily access them. I have them on the internet start page that’s the first site students see when they open the internet
  5. Four Online Sites to Teach Mouse Skills–this is geared for youngers. They’re fun and are skills every student must master
  6. 10 of the Best Math Websites Out There–teachers like keyboard sites, but students love math sites (at least my K-5 students do)
  7. 5 Great FREE Programs for Kids–these are outstanding sites that you’ll want to make staples in your classroom
  8. FREE Lesson Plans for K-8 Technology–these are all online and cover a range of grades and topics
  9. 18 Great Poetry Websites–these sites range from informative to fun and are all popular with my students.
  10. Weekend Website #29: Storybook Maker–I’ve posted 40 Weekend Websites to date. This is the most popular among them.

Have a wonderful holiday and I look forward to seeing you-all in 2011!

–reprinted with permission © Technology Integration in Education

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