10 Hits and 10 Misses for 2010

Since I started this blog eighteen months ago, I’ve had almost 150,000 visitors (113,024), 5,521 on my busiest day, visiting the 360 articles I’ve written on

hits and misses

Top 10 hits and misses for 2010

every facet of integrating technology into the classroom. As with most bloggers, I write what’s on my mind. I post 3-4 times a week on a wide variety of topics. It may be about how to use wikis or blogs in your classroom. It may be what I’ve learned from my students as we got through another tech week. I have regular features, like Tech Tip Tuesdays and Weekend Websites. I post a lot of lesson plans that have worked for me and share my thoughts on other ideas that affect teachers trying to tech-ify their classrooms. It’s a fast changing world. I’m just trying to hang on and share the ride.

It always surprises what my readers find to be the most provocative. As surprising is what holds no interest for anyone but me! It’s usually a post I put heart and soul into, sure I was sharing Very Important Information, and I get three readers who slog their way through it. Talk about humility.

Top Ten Hits

though I’ve skipped any that have to do with websites. That, I cover in the post about my top websites:

  1. Is Handwriting Like Camera Film–So Last Generation–surprisingly, this was the top site (except for a few about websites). I guess there are a lot of you worried about the demise of handwriting skills.
  2. #112: 10 Ways Twitter Makes You a Better Writer–This is a lesson plan on incorporating Twitter into your classroom teaching. Anytime you see a # at the beginnng of the headline–that’s the clue it’ll be a lesson plan. Now you’re in the know.
  3. Can Your Fifth Grader Answer This Math Problem?–Let me know.
  4. Twenty-one Techie Problems Every Student Can Fix–us tech teachers know that managing a computer lab requires lots of student autonomy. This post tells you how to address that
  5. How to Hack Passwords–fun. It tells as much about how to create a password as about hacking
  6. What Do You Think is the Hardest Techie Problem?–take the poll and then check the results.
  7. Lesson Plans–I offer 112 lesson plans that I use in my classroom for grades K-5, for all sorts of subjects.
  8. Tech Tips–this is where you sign up for weekly tech tips. Very popular newsletter
  9. Teach Animal Adaptations with an MS Word Diagram–another lesson plan, using the ever popular MS Word
  10. Nineteen Ways to Use Spare Classroom Time–how to make use of those spare minutes before lunch, between classes, after a test

Top Ten Misses

Here’s the top ten in that category:

  1. Hackers Don’t Waste Their Time on Macs--too obvious?
  2. The Geek Lifestyle: Can You Relate–this is funny. Don’t believe its poor rating
  3. #30: A Cover Page–too simple, maybe?
  4. Learn Publisher Basics I
  5. Why People Blog–You’ll be Surprised at the Reasons
  6. What are the Eu’s Education Issues?–I’m always interested in how other countries approach education
  7. Girl Falls Into Manhole While Texting, Parents Sue–hard to believe
  8. Tech Tip #48: Quickly Switch Between Windows--Alt+tab is one of my favorite short cuts. check this out.
  9. You Know You’re a Geek if You Know What ‘Defcon’ is–A popular conference for geeks, but the problem is, my audience is teachers. Not well thought out on my part
  10. Computer Humor–sounds good to me. Maybe no one thinks computers are funny
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