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Will All Twitter Users Please Twand Up

I use Twitter to stay focused on my particular tech ed interest. Here are some of my thoughts:

I tweet about sites I find on that topic, posts I add to my blogs and questions I have about that. I DON’T Tweet on what I’m having for dinner or who is coming over that evening. I find Twitter:

  • gives me a quick rundown of what my colleagues are thinking about
  • tells me the top tech ed topics at the moment
  • since I don’t link up with anyone other than people serious about my field, I don’t get annoyed by the fluff–there are lots of those people in the Twittersphere

Surprisingly, there are more people like me than those other folk who originally gave Twitter a bad name as a useless fluff of a tool.

Want some information on Twitter users? Here’s a graphical survey from Flowtown that you’ll enjoy:

Who’s Using Twitter And How They’re Using It
Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application

Here’s the breakdown of people like me:

  • 6% of my age group tweet and 9% of my gender tweet
  • 10% of my income level tweet, but only 5% of my ethnicity
  • 9% of my education achievement tweet as well as 8% of those who live where I do
  • more people tweet about work updates and links to relevant news stories than any other single reason (I’ve combined two)

Does this profile fit you? Let me know.



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