20 Best Keyboarding Websites

The most common questions I get from parents and readers of my blog are about keyboarding. What is the best software? What are good online sites? How long should kids practice? When should children start typing in earnest? In this column, I’ll only deal with the second–what are good online websites.

I’ve kept track of this for ten years–adding sites, deleting the ones that didn’t measure up in the long term–and I now have a list of twenty I think are great. Check them out. Tell me if I’ve missed any.

  1. Big Brown Bear typing–great for grades kindergarten, first

    dancemat typing

    One of the most popular online keyboard sites with my students

  2. Typing Web–a log-in allows you to track progress
  3. Test Your Typing--see if you’re improving
  4. Keyboard challenge—adapted to grade level
  5. Keyboard practice—quick start
  6. Keyboarding Fingerjig—6 minute test of ability
  7. Keyboarding for Kids
  8. Keyboarding practice
  9. Keyboarding—alphabet rain game
  10. Keyboarding—barracuda game
  11. Keyboarding—bubbles game
  12. Dance Mat Typing — very popular with grades 3-5; lots of fun
  13. Keyboarding—full online course
  14. Keyboarding—games
  15. Keyboarding—lessons and speed quiz
  16. Keyboarding—lessons
  17. Keyboarding—more lessons
  18. Keyboarding—must sign up, but free
  19. Keyboarding—quick start
  20. Keyboarding—speed quiz

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25 thoughts on “20 Best Keyboarding Websites

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  2. AWESOME!!!! i luv luv’d this. r eally needed it for the kids. many many many thanks! yipeee! 😉

    • Your so welcome. These are kid-proven in my lab, although there are a few we haven’t gotten to often so if you have feedback–send it my way! Thanks, Sana!

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  4. Any particular site you can recommend for a 54 year old who’d finally like to be able to “type”? (My only regret in my education was not taking a typing course…but only the kids not going to college or in special ed got those lessons when I was in school. You’re probably too young to remember that!?!!)
    Thanks for compiling this list.
    By the way…keyboarding this message took me 2 1/2 days!!! (just kidding)

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  6. I wonder why Nitro Type is not in here, I learned to type on that site. It is fun as well, and I can type at around 80 wpm, when I started typing, I was at 20 wpm, that shows some growth,

  7. Thank you for your list, I’ve been teaching typing for four years now and have used many of these sites in my classes. Being a fellow teacher, I thought you may be interested in looking at the website I made for my students http://www.typinghome.com I’d be very honored if you added it to your list, or have any suggestions for me. The website I made focuses on muscle memory, and introduces keys starting with pinkies instead of pointers, which I have found to dramatically increases the number of students I have who always use the correct fingers when typing now.

    Thanks for your time and the list of resources you have here.

    • I’d be happy to include it, Paul. I’ve moved this blog to Ask a Tech Teacher. If you’d visit there, then visit this link, then add your site to the bottom as a comment. The next time I update the page, I’ll curate yours into it. Until then, visitors will still see it in the comments.

  8. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas. I have a website ” http://www.musicinstruments.tv ” which promotes and shares new talent and some pros with their videos. Check it out! I am often looking for new tips.

  9. We have just released Typing Tournament.com http://typingtournament.comhttp://typingtournament.com complete with a free typing speed test. It has one minute and three minute free typing speed tests. These free tests gives you a quick and accurate snap shot of your typing speed. Once finished you can print a certificate and then if you like take a free trial of the full Typing Tournament Online. Works on Windows PCs, Apple Macs, Surface Tablets, iPads, Chromebooks and other Android tablets.

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