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Dear Otto: What About Carmen San Diego?

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Dear Otto is an occasional column where I answer questions I get from readers about teaching tech. If you have a question, please complete the form below and I’ll answer it here. For your privacy, I use only first names.

Here’s a great question I got from Dawn:

We have upgraded our Computer Lab computers to Windows 7,  some programs are now obsolete since they were DOS and will not run with 7.   Carmen SanDiego is one we used for Geography.  Some teachers are sad we can’t use that anymore – the students did enjoy it.  Do you know of anything our that can take its place?  Thanks for your time!

I know what you mean. We tried to run it–spent too much time tweaking everything–and never succeeded. I’ve had to toss it.

There are a few geography games you can look into:

They’re OK, but not nearly as good as CSD. I’ll post your comment–see if anyone has any other ideas.

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