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18 More Posters

Need something to spark up the classroom post-holiday? Feeling a little down because parties and presents and favorite guests are gone like your holiday bonus? I can help.

These 18 posters (plus one bonus) are creative additions to decorate for the new year. Don’t take my word for it. It includes topics like:

  1. Plug in–A reminder to students to plug in their flash drives when they sit down at the computer. If this is your primary form of back-up, this poster could be the most important of the group
  2. 10 Steps to become a BETTER GEEK–Humorous steps to becoming the essential geek
  3. 15 ways to get Your Geek On–Already a geek? These 15 activities will confirm that.
  4. Want to use this image?–Artistic work is copyrighted. Think before using.
  5. The Virtual Neighborhood–Rules for the digital neighborhood
  6. Evidence Wall–An important part of learning technology is using it outside of class. Collect evidence of this and post it on a class Evidence Wall using these paper tropies
  7. Portrait Orientation–A visual reminder of what ‘portrait’ means
  8. Landscape Orientation–A visual reminder of what ‘landscape’ means
  9. Learn like a Champion–Notre Dame fan? You’ll like this encouragement to learn learn learn!
  10. Learn on!–USC fan? This one’s for you.
  11. 10 Netiquette rules–Follow these important rules to thrive in the digital world
  12. 13 Rules for Email Etiquette–Using email? Here’s what you need to know about that.
  13. Save early, save often–How often should students save their work? Early and often. Every time they think of it.
  14. Select-do–To do anything on the computer, first you must ‘select’ what you’re doing to, then implement. This is a quick reminder of that process.
  15. Copyright law–All artistic work is copyrighted. This is a quick summary of the national law to post on the wall and review with students.
  16. Digital Citizenship To Do List–18 subjects to learn about in digital citizenship. This chart lets you mark each as each class/grade accomplishes it. I use circles and stick them on the provided line.
  17. Shortkey list for computers–Once students get used to using shortkeys, they provide one more tool in their techie toolkit to problem solve. Remind them by taping this list of the most oft used onto the tower.
  18. Use shortcuts. Get done faster–Remind students of the geek joy of using shortkeys. Often, a shortkey can be remembered faster than the key combination.
  19. What’s a Mulligan? (Bonus)–Sometimes, I let students redo quizzes/projects for a better grade. I let them know when that’s available by telling them the ‘Mulligan Rule’ is in effect (from the sport of golf)

Check out the slideshow below.

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