I’ve moved!

…to Ask a Tech Teacher (click for new address).

All I did was move to a self-hosted site. The name is exactly the same–just hosted somewhere else. The new site has everything the old one did, including

  • old posts
  • resources
  • lists
  • current posts
  • contact info
  • everything

The old site will still be live so all your links will work. But I won’t update the collections. For that, go to https://askatechteacher.com.

Questions? I’m here at askatechteacher@gmail.com.

Happy New Year!

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8 thoughts on “I’ve moved!

  1. Sue Walker

    Good Morning,

    The person who subscribed has left our organization.
    Could you please delete the following email address

    Thank you!

    [Description: L:\Client Stuff\Xavier\2012-0015-XAV-Webstart Marketing Campaign\EMAIL SIGNATURES\IMAGES\image_01.gif]

    Sue Walker Receptionist/Administration Assistant
    1935 Gympie Road, Bald Hills QLD 4036
    T (07) 3261 6950 F (07) 3261 6055
    E suew@xcsn.org http://www.xcsn.org
    Like us on Facebook

    P Please consider the environment before printing
    The opinions and views expressed in this email are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Xavier Childrens Support Network. You are advised that information in this transmission is intended only for the person(s) to whom it is addressed and may contain privileged and/or confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient you should delete/destroy all copies and notify the sender. Any disclosure, copying or dissemination of the information in this transmission without the written consent of the author is unauthorised and due to the nature of this organisation may contravene Privacy Legislation. No liability is accepted for any unauthorised use of the information contained in this transmission.

    • Hi Sue

      I think you mean to this blog. Since I’ve moved, you shouldn’t get anything from it anymore. If you do, just visit the site link (https://askatechteacher.wordpress.com) and click the follow button–which will unfollow you because you’re subscribed.

      I checked the two newsletters and it looks like she’s not a member of those. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Congrats on a self-hosted site! I’ve been thinking of making the move, but I wonder what will happen to my followers. What is your experience so far?

    • I found out yesterday that WordPress will do it all for you. All you have to do is install Jetpack, link it to your blog, and send the good Forum folks a request. They moved all several thousand followers over for me! I had no idea it would be that easy. In fact, I’ve read horror stories about lost readership.

      Now, I’ll see if the search engines find me. That is the next challenge.

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  4. I haven’t a clue as to why I’ve never sought out your blog to follow. There’s so much info for me personally it makes me dizzy. I see you all the time on Tess’ site so that gives you an A+ ranking getting out the gate. Although I’m an advocate and not a teacher, we advocates have our own strange ways of bringing others into the fold and I want to read your tech resources to learn.

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