K-12 Add-ons Etc.

musicUpdate 9-23-19

This is apps, add-ons, extensions for browsers and Google Drive.

  1. LucidCharts–add-on for MS Office

Annotate PDFs

  1. Kami–open PDF in Google Drive, then open with Kami (app)
  2. Lumin–open PDF in Google Drive, then open with Lumin (app)

Annotate Webpages

  1. Marker.to — highlight and more


  1. Flubaroo–auto grade quizzes; add-on
  2. Kaizena–add audio and video notes to submitted assignments; add-on
  3. Superquiz

Classroom Management

  1. 1-click Timer
  2. Adblock–blocks ads, honor-ware–pay what you can afford once the extension is installed; even blocks ads at the start of YTs
  3. Certify ’em–for Google Forms: ask a few questions about training and auto-issue the certificate
  4. Checker Plus–notifies you when a doc in Google Drive changes; extension
  5. Check it Out–add-on for Google Forms; great for class libraries
  6. Chrome remote desktop--remotely manage Chromebooks with a code
  7. Doctopus–mass-copy (from a starter template), share, monitor student progress, and manage grading and feedback for student projects in Google Drive.
  8. Flippity–turn GA into flashcards; add-on
  9. Google Keep–keep track of notes and lists
  10. Hapara–quickly manage students and classrooms with CB; a bit expensive
  11. Task Timer–track how much time is spent on different tasks


  1. Bitmoji–add emojis to email

Device Management

  1. Add Block–app to block website ads (app)


  1. Time is Money–this add-on converts prices on a webpage to hours worked

Google Drive

  1. Save to Google Drive–save web content or screen captures direct to Google Drive


  1. Grammarly


  1. Typing Club


  1. EquatIO


  1. Flat.io–compose music collaboratively
  2. VexTab Music Notation–lets you write music in Google Docs


  1. Papier–add this extension; then, when you click ‘new tab’ on your browser, it sets up a note page that collects your running thoughts
  2. Webpage Sticky Notes–attaches to the webpage and appears whenever you visit that page (extension)


  1. Pear Deck–create a slidedeck; share it with students via class code; Q&A; assessments


  1. Action Story–improve English comprehension
  2. Read & Write–(extension) reads passages aloud; text-to-speech; include a dictionary; create voice notes; simplify and summarize text; free for teachers (maybe students)
  3. Readability–(extension) cleans up ads and clutter prior to reading
  4. Web-page sticky notes-(extension) add notes that appear every time you access the site

Screenshots and Screen captures

  1. Loom (extension)
  2. Nimbus (extension)
  3. Screencastify–records everything from your screen plus voice

Special Needs

  1. Open Dyslexic–(extension) open source font that improves readability for students with Dyslexia; changes font on pages (no download)
  2. Read & Write–(extension) reads passages aloud; text-to-speech; include a dictionary; create voice notes; simplify and summarize text; free for teachers (maybe students)


  1. MakeGIF–turns videos into GIFs
  2. Soapbox–free Chrome extension to create videos; webcam and desktop side-by-side
  3. Spark video — works on Chromebooks and iOS; add personal narrative, images. Use a story template or start from scratch; creates as slides

Visual Learning

  1. LucidCharts–Google Apps add-on


  1. Cite This For Me–(extension) like EasyBib; saves time but not perfect
  2. EasyBib–Google Apps add-on
  3. Grammarly–(extension) get writing suggestions
  4. Storybird–app

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