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What You Need to Know about Kidproofing the Internet

How to keep their children safe online is a constant question from parents at my school. They ask about firewalls, filters, kidsafe desktops, nannycams. Should they keep their children away from computers or just off the internet? Do they have to sit with them while they work? No. No. and No. What parents need to … Continue reading

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How Do You Grade Tech? I Have 14 Ideas

It used to be simple to post grades. Add up test scores and see what the student earned. Very defensible. Everyone understood. It’s not that way anymore. Here are the factors I consider when I’m posting grades: Does s/he remember skills from prior lessons as they complete current lessons? Does s/he show evidence of learning by … Continue reading

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Dear Otto: How do I teach Google Drive to K/1?

Dear Otto is an occasional column where I answer questions I get from readers about teaching tech. If you have a question, please complete the form below and I’ll answer it here. For your privacy, I use only first names. Here’s a great question I got from Lois: I’ve been teaching computer technology for 6 … Continue reading