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Tablets for younger children can increase knowledge and skills

I am thrilled to have Jamie Hill as my guest writer today. She’s a stay-at-home mom who loves technology and blogging and brings a fascinating perspective to the conversation about tablets and younger children. Enjoy! There are few things parents focus on more than the education of their children.  The debates can seem overwhelming: whether there … Continue reading

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How to Thrive as a Digital Citizen

Thanks to the pervasiveness of easy-to-use technology and the accessibility of the internet, teachers are no longer lecturing from a dais as the purveyor of knowledge. Now, students are expected to take ownership of their education, participate actively in the learning process, and transfer knowledge learned in the classroom to their lives. In days past, … Continue reading

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Is Keyboarding Dead?

I was on one of my tech teacher forums–where I keep up to date on changes in education and technology–and stumbled into a heated discussion about what grade level is best to begin the focus on typing (is fifth grade too old–or too young?). Several teachers shared that keyboarding was the cornerstone of their elementary-age technology … Continue reading

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Do You Make These 9 Mistakes

…with your child’s computer education? Show your child how to do something rather than allowing him to discover Do for them rather than let them do it Say ‘no’ too often (or the other enthusiasm-killer, Don’t touch!) Don’t take them seriously Take technology too seriously. It’s a tool, meant to make life easier. Nothing more. … Continue reading