1st Grade

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Update 8-24-19


  1. Alphabetic order



  1. Make a Monster


  1. Clocks
  2. Clocks II


Critical Thinking

Ecology1st grade




  1. Brown Bear Typing


  1. Language—parts of speech


  1. Math Games
  2. Number concepts
  3. Number Order
  4. SumDog—free reg

Mouse Skills



Word Study

  1. Geography—find messages  around the world
  2. Hangman
  3. Word games—k-2


  1. Edugames at PBS
  2. Edugames from BBC
  3. Magic Schoolbus

6 thoughts on “1st Grade

  1. Michelle

    I was so disappointed that Kerpoof will no longer be available as a website!

  2. I have been using he paint program on ABCya its ok. I really miss TuxPaint, but we have chromebooks now!

    • I’m surprised TuxPaint hasn’t come up with an app yet. Thanks for letting me know what you’re using. I’m going to check that out.

  3. I used Kerpoof extensively with Kdg-2nd. Started using Wixi after Kerpoof closed it’s doors. Wixi is even better, as student work is automatically saved, I can make templates and assign them to classes. There are other great features. There is a small fee, however. It is worth it though.

    • Don’t you need Pixie to use Wixi? I looked at their app and it does look great. Much better than KidPix’s app.

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