3D Printing

3D printingUpdated 9-22-19

  1. 3D Bear
  2. Cricut Machine–to cut materials

Create 3D Printing Designs

  1. 3D Doodler Pen
  2. AutoDesk 3D Inventor
  3. MakerBot PrintShop
  4. Onshape
  5. SculptGL
  6. Sketchup
  7. Tinkercad–create your own 3D print designs

Download 3D Printing designs

  1. GrabCad
  2. Smithsonian X3D–download 3D print designs of Smithosonian artifacts
  3. Thingiverse–download lots of 3D designs, like an iPhone case
  4. Youmagine–find 3D print designs

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