audio Updated 9-23-19


  1. Audacity–free download for Windows, Macs, Linux
  2. Audionote – Syncs audio with typed notes so you can hear what was said at any time (app)
  3. AudioPal–records a message that is then embeddable into your website or blog
  4. Audio Memos Free – The Voice Recorder (free with ads or $0.99 without ads) (app)
  5. Beautiful Audio Recorder— record directly from your browser; pretty easy to use with some editing functions
  6. Bossjock Jr – create and publish rich audio productions on your iPad
  7. DropVox (fee) (app)
  8. Ferrite Recording Studio – a full featured multi-track audio editor for the iPad. Wow!
  9. HablaCloud–record directly from the browser using your Chromebook (must download the the ChromeMP3 Recorder); really simple
  10. iTalk Recorder
  11. MicNote–audio recorder and notepad; great for Chromebooks (app)
  12. Online Voice Recorder–runs on Chromebooks, Macs, PC from your browser; few editing features
  13. QRVoice–record a voice file and create it as a QR code (can be done in many QR creators
  14. QuickVoice Recorder (free) (app)
  15. ShadowPuppet–easily record audio over images for a slideshow (app)
  16. Sonic Pics–(fee) voice-over slideshow of pictures (app)
  17. SoundCloud–record and publish with Chromebooks using free accounts (app)
  18. Soundtrap – the multi-platform, cloud based audio editor has a very decent iOS app.
  19. SpeakPipe Voice Recorder–record directly from browser to your local machine, or on iPhone, iPad
  20. Talking Tom Cat–repeats what students say (app)
  21. TwistedWave–a browser-based audio file editor
  22. Vocaroo–record yourself, intuitive even for youngers, embeddable; no log-in required
  23. Voice Record Pro 7 – Record audio, edit it, and even upload it to share on YouTube. (app)
  24. Voice Thread–Talk, type, and draw right on the screen (app)

Chromebooks–try these

  1. MicNote–free download for all platforms or Chromebook app here
  2. Online Voice Recorder–done on website–record, edit, save to your computer; includes video recorder; perfect for Chromebooks
  3. VoiceNote II--recorder for Chromebooks (also a download if you prefer)–speech to text

Audio with other pieces

  1. Little Bird Tales–add voice to student story

play sign

From videos

  1. Garage Band
  2. Screencast-o-matic


  1. 99% Invisible–about design and architecture
  2. Brains On! Science Podcast
  3. But Why? a Podcast for curious kids
  4. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History— funky approach to history
  5. Freakonomics
  6. Listenwise
  7. Podbean
  8. Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified
  9. Serial — for MS; unfolds one story over a season
  10. Short and Curly — an ethics podcast
  11. Sparkle Stories
  12. Stories Podcast
  13. StoryNory Stories for Kids
  14. Story Pirates Podcast
  15. TED Radio Hour
  16. Tumble Science Podcast for Kids


  1. Anchor–easy 2-minute podcasts; users can comment video audio also; may be more appropriate for adult use than student
  2. Opinion Podcast – The barrier to podcasting has never been lower. Try this app today!
  3. Soundtrap–make music and podcasts online, collaboratively
  4. StoryCorps–record interviews; share with everyone
  5. WavePad–create podcasts on iPads


  1. Belfry Sound Effects–sound effects player written for schools and small scale theatre venues
  2. BBC Collection of sound effects
  3. Nature Sound Map–sounds in nature around the world
  4. Pond5-lots of authentic sounds (for a fee)
  5. SoundSnap–sounds for a fee
  6. Sound Bible–free sound bites
  7. Sounds–hours of sounds delivered via YT on caves, cities, forests, space, and mor
  8. Type “animal sounds” into the Google search bar and get a large variety
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