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Updated 9-25-19
parents and children

  1. Blogger: Blogging tool for students and teachers
  2. Calendar: Keep your students on the same page with due dates
  3. Docs: Collaborative writing
  4. Drive: Cloud storage (similar to Dropbox or Sky Drive)
  5. Flubaroo: A free tool that integrate with Google Apps to help grade assignments
  6. Forms: Create surveys, quizzes, and collect information
  7. Gmail
  8. Google Earth: Go anywhere on earth virtually
  9. Google Fonts–free fonts to use online
  10. Google Forms–create online quizzes that autograde
  11. Google Play Books: Online access to millions of texts
  12. Google Takeout–to backup or export your Google account fiels
  13. K-12 Search Engine: Custom search engine that finds high quality K-12 resources
  14. MIT App Inventor: Create your own Android App easily!
  15. Search and Scholar: Research and analyze sources from books, websites, other
  16. Sheets: Collaborative spreadsheet used to input/analyze data
  17. Sites: Create a webpage or site (easy to use and collaborative)
  18. SketchUp: Create and explore 3D Models
  19. Tour Builder: Use Google Earth to create an online tour of anywhere in the world
  20. Translate: Free online translation tool for any text
  21. YouTube EDU: Access and view educational content


  1. Synergyse–teacher training; app; fee

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