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10 Ways Any Teacher Can (and Should) Use Technology

Common Core notes: New technologies have broadened and expanded the role that speaking and listening play in acquiring and sharing knowledge and have tightened their link to other forms of communication. Digital texts confront students with the potential for continually updated content and dynamically changing combinations of words, graphics, images, hyperlinks, and embedded video and … Continue reading

Common Core Language: Teach Your Students to Speak Like a Geek
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Common Core Language: Teach Your Students to Speak Like a Geek

Here’s a free lesson plan from the newest Ask a Tech Teacher book, How to Achieve Common Core with Tech–the Language Strand. This covers K-8, 87 Standards, and has 8 projects. BTW, the lines at the front of each step are to check off the skill–track progress in case you don’t complete it in one … Continue reading

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Is Handwriting So Last Generation–Redux

I wrote about the demise of handwriting 2.5 years ago. Seems even truer now than then. One problem for both sides is that Common Core is ‘silent’ on it, according to the Alliance for Excellence in Education. That’s like the Fat Lady warming up, but not sure when she’ll be performing. Where Common Core has … Continue reading

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It’s Here–8th Grade Technology Curriculum!

The eighth grade technology curriculum prepares students for their future not by teaching widgets and programs—though that happens—but by showing them how to be life-long learners. How do they decide what program works best for what inquiry? How do they acquire the use of tools they have never before seen? How do they self-assess their … Continue reading

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Common Core requires publishing. Technology makes that happen

There are a variety of overarching themes in Common Core–‘integrate technology into classroom inquiry’, ‘encourage collaboration and sharing in student work’, ‘use technology to prepare students for college and career’. Each of these could take weeks to wrap into classwork, but there’s one organic tool that accomplishes all three of these while fulfilling a fourth … Continue reading