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What You Need to Know about Kidproofing the Internet

How to keep their children safe online is a constant question from parents at my school. They ask about firewalls, filters, kidsafe desktops, nannycams. Should they keep their children away from computers or just off the internet? Do they have to sit with them while they work? No. No. and No. What parents need to … Continue reading

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Do You Make These 9 Mistakes

…with your child’s computer education? Show your child how to do something rather than allowing him to discover Do for them rather than let them do it Say ‘no’ too often (or the other enthusiasm-killer, Don’t touch!) Don’t take them seriously Take technology too seriously. It’s a tool, meant to make life easier. Nothing more. … Continue reading

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5 Great FREE Programs for Students

When I started as a tech teacher, I pushed my administration for lots of software. I wanted a different one for each theme–human body, space, math. Now, they’re all on the internet–for FREE–which means we can use our tech budget for iPads, microphones, splitters… Wait–we have no budget. Good thing I’m addicted to FREE. Continue reading

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Weekend Website #93: 18 Natural Disasters Websites

Every Friday, I’ll send you a wonderful website (or more) that my classes and my parents love. I think you’ll find they’ll be a favorite of your students as they are of mine. My fourth graders just went through a unit of inquiry on natural disasters and we came up with a pretty good list … Continue reading