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Weekend Website #33: Wild on Math

This program has a clean, simple interface with none of the vibrant colors, constant motion and advertising of so many other math websites. Continue reading

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MS Word for Grades 2-5

It’s all in the sophistication. Second graders do less and not quite as well. Fifth graders do a lot, much better. This uses MS Word, takes about thirty minutes: If this is the first time your child is seeing MS Word, review the parts–toolbars, menu bar, canvas, most common keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+P for print, Ctrl+S … Continue reading

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Top Ten Tech Vocabulary Words

Remember–this is for kids. These are words they should understand to get the most out of computer lessons: CPU–the brain of the computer. Where they put CD’s, flash drives, check for problems Flash drive–external storage. The best way to back-up data and trade info with friends icon–that little picture on the desktop that lets you … Continue reading

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What Do You Think is the Hardest Techie Problem?

If you read the last blog (, I’d like your feedback. This is your chance to cast your vote for your experience fixing computers during your child’s computer time. If you come up with a problem your child faces that I haven’t addressed, I’ll find out the answer for you: Continue reading

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Twenty-five Techie Problems Every Student Can Fix

The Number One reason–according to students–why their computer doesn’t work is… It’s broken. Can I move to a different computer??? They never look inward first. I often wonder what happens at home. As a tech teacher, I know that half the problems that stop students short in their tech lessons are the same few. Once … Continue reading