Civics (MS)

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3rd grade slideshow

Updated 9-14-19

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  1. Argument Wars
  2. Branches of Power
  3. CaseMaker–for 6th-8th grade
  4. Civics Game Room
  5. Civics games
  6. Congress
  7. Court Quest
  8. C-Span–Congress at work in video
  9. Electoral College—humourous video
  10. Executive Command
  11. How Laws are Made
  12. Law Craft
  13. Legislative and Executive Branch Quiz
  14. Legislative Branch Qualifications
  15. Legislative Branch Quiz
  16. Legislative Branch Vocabulary
  17. Powers of Congress
  18. Public Policy and the Executive and Legislative Branches Quiz
  19. Public Policy Flashcards
  20. Public Policy Matching
  21. Supreme Decision
  22. Three Branches of Government Review
  23. We the Jury
  24. Win the White House

More Civics–High School

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