Updated 8-23-19art

  1. Art Online
  2. ASCII art picture generator–instant
  3. ASCII Art Text Generator
  4. BigHuge Labs
  5. Image Edited? Check here
  6. PhotoCube

3D Modeling (app)

  1. Morphi— for iPads, Mac, Windows
  2. Sculpt+–free app
  3. Tinkercad–another great app from Autodesk

Animations (apps)

  1. Doink Animation
  2. Doink Greenscreen
  3. iMotion
  4. Sketchbook Motion–add movement to art
  5. Stop Motion Studio


  1. Art—Make a monster
  2. Clay animations
  3. Mr. Picassa Head

Coloring Book (apps)

  1. ABC Color–color letters with fill or paint brush
  2. Paint Sparkles Draw–free; lots of coloring pages, but maybe too many ads
  3. Thanksgiving coloring book


Lesson Plans

  1. Bundle of 5 lesson plans to teach art


  1. Google Art Project--visit worldwide museums
  2. National Gallery of Art—for kids
  3. Sistine Chapel



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