Keyboarding Websites

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  1. ABCYa–Keyboard challenge—grade level
  2. Alphabet rain game
  3. Barracuda game
  4. Big Brown Bear
  5. Bubbles game
  6. Dance Mat Typing
  7. Finger jig practice game
  8. Free typing tutor
  10. Keyboard lessons—16—video, etc
  11. Keyboard practice—quick start
  12. Keyboarding practice
  13. Keyboarding resources listed
  14. Keyboarding—games
  15. Keyboarding—lessons
  16. Keyboarding—more lessons
  17. Keyboarding—must sign up, but free
  18. Keyboarding—quick start
  19. Keyboarding—speed quiz
  20. Keybr–Online practice
  21. Krazy keyboarding for kids
  22. NitroTyping
  23. Online keyboarding course
  24. Online typing lessons — more
  25. Sensalang typing and quizzes
  26. Touch Typing Progressive Program
  27. TuxTyping
  28. Typing Club
  29. Typing Defense—fun word practice
  31.—a graduated course
  32. Web Institute Keyboarding for Kids

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