Digital Citizenship (HS)

Updated 9-22-19

  1. 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship (for HS)
  2. Bad News–simulates how misinformation is spread through social media; HS or older
  3. Before you share this photo…–video showing how easy it is to track someone by the photo they share
  4. Building Digital Citizens (a grad school class)
  5. Building Digital Citizens (a certificate class)
  6. Checkology–a four-unit program to teach kids difference between fact and fake
  7. Digital Citizenship Curriculum from iKeepSafe (for MS and HS)
  8. Digital Citizenship for Teens–videos, from NSTeens
  9. Digital Citizenship lessons–videos for HS
  10. Factitious–game to test your skills for recognizing fake vs. fact/ MS, HS, College
  11. How to Teach Digital Citizenship in HS
  12. K-8 Digital Citizenship Curriculum
  13. Should I use this photo–from CommonSense (for teens)
  14. Trace My Shadow


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