Study Tools (SG)

Updated 9-14-19

  1. Brainly–crowd source learning
  2. College Board
  3. Easy Notecards–aligned with specific textbooks; ready-made or teacher-created
  4. Flashcards or Worksheets 
  5. Kaplan Test Prep
  6. Khan Academy reading-writing-practice
  7. Mindsnacks SAT Vocabulary–a big part of succeeding on the SAT essay is knowing the right word.
  8. Perfect Score Project--to prepare for SATs
  9. Prep Factory–for SATs, ACTs, other
  10. PWM Essay Test Prep–a good collection of questions and prep resources. Some free, some fee.
  11. Quizlet–hundreds of study flashcards
  12. StudyBlue–over 500 study resources that cover SAT prep
  13. StudySoup–find high-quality study materials
  14. Veritas Prep–free and fee tips, videos and more

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