Virtual Reality

Updated 9-25-19
virtual reality

  1. 900 VR Expeditions — requires the Expeditions app
  2. Class VR
  3. CoSpaces
  4. Expeditions 
  5. Google Cardboard
  6. Google Tour Builder
  7. InMind VR–a sicientific VR game
  8. Jurassic VR–Aptosaurus VR experience to experience a dinosaur up close
  9. Mission V 3D modeling software–to recreate historic sites
  10. NearPod VR
  11. Oculus Rift–VR headset
  12. Tour Creator–make a VR tour in Google
  13. Timelooper. This one will take you back to important moments in history from all around the world.
  14. Titans of Space app will take your students to the moon.
  15. Trench Experience VR will take you into the trenches in WWI.
  16. UnimersiveVR–learn with VR

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